Laminate Hardwood Flooring for All the Rooms in the House!

I had always wanted wooden floors in the house, but kept putting it off for a long time, scared away by the costs and the high maintenance that they require, until a friend told me about Laminate hardwood flooring. It costs considerably less than natural wooden floors and is way more resilient than carpets. I have to admit, that at the beginning it was too good to be true and I had to see it for myself, so I went over to my friend’s house where I got to see for myself the floorings in her house. Little did I know that I was going to be in for a shock, for all the rooms including the bathrooms and the kitchen had laminate hardwood flooring. The relative ease in cleaning and overall maintenance, she said had prompted her to lay laminate hardwood flooring in all the rooms. Having now seen laminate hardwood flooring firsthand I couldn’t wait any longer to get started in my house.

It was however important for me that it was environmentally friendly and wouldn’t in anyway have adverse health effects for my children, Nina and Jack. Nina a toddler, and jack, 5 years old spend most of their time on the floor, playing and running around. A quick search on the internet and we found that the brand, a brand leader in Laminate hardwood flooring came with a technology called Proair, which uses natural proteins that help absorb toxins that are part of the products that we use every day at home. Contrary to what most people think, it was very kid friendly, as we first laid the floor in the Kids’ room. Spilt milk and water was so easy to clean, and the days of me struggling to wipe it off the carpet and drying it were long over. The same applied to my Kitchen and the dining room too, where the kids and my husband spill things on a daily basis. Now all I do is grab a mop and wipe it off. It looks so easy that my usually reluctant husband does it himself these days. The children pipe in too amusing themselves. The biggest surprise is the bathroom; it has never looked any better. Whatever little water that gets spilled from the shower is taken care of by the floor towels. Little by little the whole house was done with laminated hardwood flooring.

My cleaning time has been halved and I spend more time with the kids no longer worrying about them rolling around on the floor all thanks to Laminate hardwood flooring.

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