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In the home it is becoming popular to use natural materials. Woods, laminates and veneers are being used more often for furniture and flooring because of their ease of use and care. You can find many different varieties of woods available for home use, from the simple and cost efficient pines to the more exotic and expensive mesquite. If you were raised on vinyl you may be worried that caring for natural wood is too difficult or time consuming. However, there are many cleaning supplies for cleaning hardwood floors, which makes the task an easy and quick process.

To care for your hardwood floor on a daily basis you should use a good dust mop or vacuum to remove the dust and dirt. If the area is in an area without much traffic this may be all you have to do. You should also occasionally carefully wash and wax the area to keep it completely clean. The method you will use for cleaning your floor will depend on the sealant that is used on the floor. You should check with the manufacturer to see what kind of sealant your floor has and the recommended cleaning supplies you should use. This will avoid any problems with your floor's warranty and avoid damaging the floor. You will also make your work much easier. It is important to note that you should never use a cleaner with an ammonia base on your wood floor.

A hardwood floor that is properly cleaned and cared for creates a warm and beautiful environment in your home. It is an elegant and stylish look. The care of your beautiful hardwood floor is pretty simple. To keep your floor looking as good as new you will need to exercise some preventative maintenance and buy the correct cleaning supplies that are specifically made for hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are damaged the most by the use of water and dirt that is gritty and able to scratch the finish. Water will warp the wood if it is allowed to set on the floor for any length of time. You should make sure to mop up any water that is spilled on your hardwood floor immediately. If it becomes necessary to wipe up a sticky mess on the floor make sure you use a damp only cloth. You should also quickly dry the area and buff out the area completely. You can use area rugs in any areas that have the risk of having water spilt on them.

Use a mat in front of your door to keep the dirt outside and away from your hardwood floors. Shake these rugs out often. Once a week vacuum the floor with a brush attachment on your vacuum. A dust mop and dustpan can also be used for weekly cleaning. Attach felt pads to the bottom of your furniture to avoid scratching and remember that furniture should be picked up and not pushed across the floor. Watch your shoes and make sure that they cannot damage your floor. And keep your pets toenails clipped to prevent more scratching.

You should clean or re wax-and buff your floor once a year. You should make sure that you use a cleaner that is made for cleaning wood floors. The type of treatment and product you use will depend on the type of floor and the manufacturers recommendations. If your floor has a surface finish it is acceptable to use the wood cleaner with a damp towel. But if your floor has a wax finish you will have to use a paste wax that is made specifically for hardwood floors. If you care for your floor on a regular basis you should only need to perform the cleaning once a year.

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