Exotic Hardwood Floors – Durable, Beautiful and Very Different

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Even if you live in a housing development where all the houses were clearly built by the same builder and were meant to look similar to one another, it is still possible to have a completely unique home. While your neighbors are opting for wall-to-wall carpet, because it’s easy and inexpensive, why not stand out in a crowd? Although some of them might be entertaining the thought of installing some type of hardwood, few are likely considering an exotic hardwood floor.

What exactly is exotic hardwood flooring you ask? Indeed, it’s wood, just as your neighbor or sister’s oak or maple floor is, but that’s where the similarities end. When you walk into someone’s home with wood, you immediately notice the floor, don’t you? Whether it’s a light color or darker color, it’s obvious that they don’t have the usual carpet on the floor, right? Imagine having people walk into your home and watching their jaws drop to the floor and their hands rush to their mouths! That’s what happens when you have installed an exotic hardwood floor.

What does it look like? Part of what makes exotic hardwood floors make such an impression are the rich dark hues of the woods used. For example there’s African Mahogany, which can come in a few shades, depending upon your taste and the statement you want to make. There’s Brazilian cherry, which is gaining in popularity over some of the lighter-colored woods. Not as dark as the African mahoganies, but much darker than the oaks and maples you often see.

What people notice as soon as they walk in your home is that not only is your home different from all the rest, it’s also nothing like most people have ever seen. Still a relatively new design concept, exotic hardwood flooring is not nearly as common as the lighter woods. As people walk in, they’ll naturally want to inspect things more closely. Indeed they’ll ask you a lot of questions about your new floor. Where did you find such a thing? Was it expensive? Is the wood from the US or another country? How long did installation take? What is the maintenance like and is it much different from using oak, maple or another lighter-colored wood? And the last question they’ll want to know is, how did you stumble on something so exotic? Hardwood floors do get noticed, don’t they? If you still had your carpet, people would walk in, hardly notice it and forget to wipe their shoes on your welcome mat. However, when they see you’ve remodeled your home and added exotic hardwood flooring, they’ll stop themselves, wipe their feet and begin the inspection and questions.

If you are looking for something that’s entirely different from anything else you’re likely to see in the home of your neighbors or friends and family, do consider looking into exotic hardwood floors. Why be like everyone else?

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