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Specialty Designs in Hardwood Flooring

Exotic Hardwood FlooringHardwood floors of today are completely customizable. One way you can customize the look of your hardwood floor is by adding a border to it. The border can be made from another hue or species of wood, or even a completely different material than wood. Borders add a dramatic effect to the design style of your hardwood floor. Another way of customizing the look of your floor is by adding a medallion hardwood floor design. These types of designs are often found in entrances and center areas of rooms. It can be a handsome focal piece that only adds to the beauty of your natural hardwood floors. Medallion hardwood floor designs can be made out of wood consisting of several floor hardwoods and hues, and can even consist of another material entirely. Hand distressing hardwood floors are another way to add personalized style to your floors. Tools are used by hand, chiseling and etching the surface area, carefully giving the appearance of antique hardwood flooring. It is possible to achieve the look of antique hardwood flooring on brand new hardwood floors by applying careful stress techniques to the wood. Painted flooring can give your hardwood floor a border or medallion look without installing an actual border or medallion. A border or medallion can be carefully painted on your hardwood floor in any style or design of your choosing. You can also use mixed variations of woods, exotic types of woods, and special stains to add character to your hardwood flooring.

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